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Adam Ali is a Fitness Professional and Community Worker living in Toronto, ON, Canada. He is also an official fitness sponsored athlete for PHARMAFREAK. He's today’s renowned internet fitness personality who is also actively involved with community development through his work with a non-profit agency. His passion lies in motivating others to reach their personal best and promoting health and physical-literacy in the communities he serves.

To embrace a larger audience Adam initiated an online fitness motivation campaign. With over 3 million total views, Adam is motivating his viewers to be relentless in pursuit of their life goals. The exposure these videos provided led to endorsement offers from PharmaFreak, a nutritional supplement company, as well as a new health initiative called FEELRICH started by Quincy Jones III (QD3).

the iWontLose Brand sole intent is to inspire and motivate the masses.  Visit to learn more.

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fitness, self-development, community development, traveling, reading, self-development, social media marketing, nutrition, networking, tech, internet marketing